Thursday, December 31, 2009

Yet again we are facing a New Year

I feel the necessity to rehash the old year as it has seemingly been quite a long one.

I started a blog and quit a blog, and now feel the need to blather on a bit about nothing really.

Republicans and Democrats still can't get along. I wonder why?

Health care in this country is still deformed.

And we continue to be misinformed!

So there really is nothing new in politics.

My nephew, a quirky little chap, asked me the other day " Uncle Toadstool, when is New Years Day this year?

I told him " New Years Day this year was last January"

"No I mean when is New Years Day for next year?"

"Oh I see, New Years Day for next year is in no uncertain terms, next year"

" What I mean Uncle Toady is........oh never mind. Are you ever going to give me a straight answer?"

" I thought I just did" I replied.

He gave me a look that either said 'You are an idiot' or 'I need a shrink!"

To be honest with you, I think that I am traumatizing that poor kid some, and the only reason that I think that is because my sister makes sure she tells me that every time they come to visit. Of course, I always make sure that I tell them that the house always seems a lot smaller when they show up. That does not always go over too well either, Sis makes sure to tell me that also.

I remember back to when we were raising our kids and we were sure that we were going to screw them up and Freud could have written his thesis on our kids. When our youngest child was born, my wife asked the older of the two, if she thought that we were going to ignore her and only pay attention to her little brother, she dutifully shook her head no. To which I dutifully replied "Don't worry honey, when he is your age we will ignore him too!".

My wife sometimes likes to remind me that when our kids got me as a father, they got the short end of the stick. My loving wife of all these years can be such a bitch at times, but I can't blame her with a husband like me.

I do have to cut this one short, because our guests shall be arriving soon, so Happy New Year to you all and I hope that you will continue to read the nonsense of this Old Toad as I would like to continue to post here!

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  1. A bit late to the party, but I see it is still here and going strong. Hope you and the Mrs. had a Happy New Year! Looking forward to some new posts and toasting your health.